Ultimate Earth: Oceans and Seas

Ultimate Earth: Oceans and Seas
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April 06, 2021
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Ultimate Earth: Oceans and Seas presents some of the most incredible marine animals that inhabit Earth's waters!

The Earth's oceans and seas are filled with all different kinds of creatures, from tiny krill to the enormous blue whale. Readers dive into the sea to meet such fascinating animals as the electric eel, puffer fish, giant clam, colossal squid, mimic octopus, and many others. Features fun facts and flaps to lift throughout.

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ULTIMATE EARTH: OCEANS AND SEAS is an engaging look at the creatures who live in the water with lift-the-flaps and fold-out pages throughout. The book covers different groupings of sea creatures, such as Weird and Wonderful (including animals like the anglerfish and narwhal) and Predators of the Sea, which includes puffer fish, saltwater crocodiles, and more. Colorful illustrations add to the fun of the accompanying facts. The book ends with discussing the "Oceans in Danger" which touches on topics like pollution and climate change.

What I loved: There are so many engaging facts throughout, including many things that will be new to most readers. The groupings make it a little easier to digest and learn about so many of the fascinating creatures in the seas and oceans. The illustrations are quite detailed and colorful, helping to bring the facts to life. With lots of quick facts, the book would be great for sparking an interest in delving deeper into learning about more specifics in other books. The ending including some of the problems facing the oceans today also could be a discussion starter.

What left me wanting more: The flaps and fold-out pages are a little thin and would not hold up to rough/young children. Adding to some of the content (such as discussing a shark eating a seal, and showing them chasing), this may be better for elementary school aged readers. The facts are also very brief and surface-level, which makes it a very broad book but specifics and deeper insights will come from other books.

Final verdict: With lots of facts and interesting information about sea creatures, ULTIMATE EARTH: OCEANS AND SEAS is a great choice for starting to learn more about the fascinating animals who live in the water. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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