Life in a Frozen World: Wildlife of Antarctica

Life in a Frozen World: Wildlife of Antarctica
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November 01, 2020
Over millions of years, organisms in Antarctica―one of the most extreme environments on Earth―have evolved in amazing ways that enable them to thrive on the ice, in the ice, and under the ice. How is climate change affecting the creatures that live in this frozen world?

Even in the intensely cold, windy, and dry environment of Antarctica, a wide variety of wildlife―from the massive swarms of krill in the Southern Ocean to the throngs of penguins on its icy shores― finds ways to thrive. Some species of Antarctic fishes make a natural antifreeze that prevents their blood from freezing solid, and although no trees grow on Antarctica, a forest of giant seaweed flourishes under the sea. Antarctica’s creatures are exquisitely adapted to their extreme habitat, but can they survive warmer waters and atmosphere? Scientists are racing to find out. Climate change is already affecting the frozen continent. Though it seems very far away from us at the bottom of the world, we need to remember that Antarctica affects weather, ocean currents, and sea levels all over the planet. Antarctica’s creatures depend on the ice. And in the long run, so do we.

From talented and experienced nature writer Mary Batten, this amazing nonfiction picture book provides valuable information about one of the most hostile environments on the planet. It is an ideal resource for young science lovers and educators looking to discuss the effects of climate change. The informative text and stunning artwork by New York Times bestselling illustrator Thomas Gonzalez are sure to spark a passion for conservation of this incredible habitat.

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What a fascinating book.
Life in a Frozen World delves into the world of Antartica where animals struggle against the affects of the changing climate. It's a part of the world we don't think about often, but this book makes the point that we need to, because what happens there has so much impact on the rest of the world.
In these pages, there's a lot of information of the various animals and organisms living on the icy continent, and it's written in a way that isn't too wordy for kids. It's the perfect tool for teachers to use to begin a conversation.
Not to mention the illustrations. They're absolutely gorgeous and it's sure to hold the attention of classrooms full of kids as they discover and icy world that seems so far away, yet is still connected to everything they know.
Climate change is an important topic, which makes this an important book.

Final Verdict: A beautifully illustrated book on a topic we should all care more about. This is sure to make a difference.
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