Gut Garden: A journey into the wonderful world of your microbiome

Gut Garden: A journey into the wonderful world of your microbiome
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April 07, 2020
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A journey into the wonderful world of your microbiome! Within our bodies hides an entire world of organisms called microbes. They boost our immune systems, digest our food, regulate our metabolism and even impact on our mental health. Through Katie Brosnan’s personable illustrations, we follow the digestive process from the moment the food enters our mouths to the moment waste leaves our bodies. Along the way we learn about this fascinating scientific frontier and gain an insight into the vast ecosystem that exists inside us.

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Gut Garden by Katie Brosnan is a well-thought out journey through our digestive system, introducing kids to the bacteria and different microorganisms that reside in our bodies. Brosnan opens the book with a detailed description of different microbes and where you might find them. Then the reader is taken through the process of digestion and follows what happens to that bite of food as it travels down into the gut. Throughout the entire book, Brosnan's microbes are personified and featured showing their jobs. I personally loved the thought bubbles and humorous illustrations mixed in with the scientific details. Brosnan's Gut Garden would make the perfect addition to a science class or your biology-loving child's library.
Good Points
-Colorful illustrations show how the body digests food
-Learn about the different bacteria that grow in our body, the good and the bad
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