Space Maps

Space Maps
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September 03, 2020
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Do you want to go on a journey through space? Then all you have to do is look up at the night sky. What can you see?
Marvel at the constellations, and learn what their names and patterns mean to different cultures.
Then venture farther out, past what the naked eye can see, and hop from planet to planet to explore Earth’s celestial neighbours. Discover how humans have used rockets, probes, and telescopes to explore space–and even stop off at the International Space Station to visit the scientists working there!
Let Space Maps take you on a tour through the universe, with its 24 maps, stunning illustrations, and amazing facts. Grab your telescope and get ready for the intergalactic journey of a lifetime!

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fantastic oversized book about space
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SPACE MAPS is a seriously cool oversized book with tons of information about the universe, planets, stars, our exploration, and more. Each page features lots of interesting facts and stories about each topic with so many learning opportunities. There is a section on the stars we see from Earth, for instance, and it includes the ways that constellations have been named by different civilizations, including the Ancient Greeks, Chinese, and South Africans. It is really fascinating to find all of this information side by side.

What I loved: This book is delightfully full of helpful information. The topics end up being quite vast from solar systems and galaxies to the international space station and the probes people from Earth have sent to explore nearby planets. A particular favorite in our house is the moon descriptions and the probes that have been sent to the moon over time. It is so fascinating to find all of this information compiled graphically. The amount of text to illustrations is so great for children to explore, and there are enough details to really give a great introduction to all of these topics. They can also inspire children to seek out more information on topics that spark their interest - and there are a lot of fascinating facts in this book to spark a deeper interest.

The illustrations are awesomely cool, and there are so many details on each page. The large size makes it even more fun to explore and look at. This is a really well-researched and thorough book that is a must-have for fans of space.

Final verdict: SPACE MAPS is a fantastic collection of information about outer space and the universe. Whether already a fan of space exploration or just curious for more, this oversized book is a seriously cool way to learn more.
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