Rest & Relax: Sleepy Time for Little Ones (Mindful Tots)

Rest & Relax: Sleepy Time for Little Ones (Mindful Tots)
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April 15, 2020
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"A simple body scan exercise that adults and toddlers can do together to soothe themselves and get ready for sleep. One of four stylish board books in the Mindful Tots series, designed to help toddlers manage the ups and downs of everyday emotions"

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guided meditation/mindfulness for toddlers/preschoolers
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REST & RELAX is a great book that presents a form of mindfulness or meditation for little ones. This book is a way to get them settled in for a nap or bedtime. The book gives instructions on one side of each page spread and shows children acting out the motions on the other side. For instance, on one page, they are supposed to spread their fingers wide, wiggle them, and then tighten their fingers before relaxing them. The illustration shows children making these motions on the other side of the page.

What I loved: These instructions are easy for toddlers to follow. Even though my very active young child does not settle down while reading this one, he loves to act out the motions and will do them at other times. I think these concepts are helpful for any age when you are trying to clear your mind and settle down, so it is great to learn early. Regardless, it's great lessons as to where body parts are and the ways in which you can move them, which are also a valuable skills for young readers. The illustrations feature diverse children, which is also really great to see, and the way that they are acting out the motions are helpful to describe and follow. I would imagine that this could be helpful for children who have a lot of things running through their minds.

Final verdict: This is a great instructional book on mindfulness/meditation that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy. Actions are easily conveyed in an approachable way with helpful and colorful illustrations that will delight board book readers.
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