Morning, Sunshine!

Morning, Sunshine!
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March 24, 2020
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As we all wake up, the outside world bustles with life! Discover new facts about familiar creatures—from fluttering moths and scurrying beetles to shy foxes and humming bees—as they go about their morning activities. In the city, the countryside, and the suburbs, nature can be found everywhere!

A series of haiku takes readers on a closeup, observational look at the amazing abundance of nature right outside our homes. Each stanza focuses on an aspect of the natural world or a creature going about their daily activities as the sun begins to rise. Alongside the haiku, informative text goes into depth about each subject—from how much honey a bee can make to the size of a hummingbird’s egg. Instructions to help kids create their own haiku poems, a unique form of poetry from Japan, as well as a glossary add value for a STEAM and Core Curriculum book that can be enjoyed both in the classroom and at home.

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informative picture book with plenty of learning opportunities
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MORNING, SUNSHINE! is an informative journey through nature and poetry. Each spread features a haiku on the left page and then a longer description on the right. For instance, moths are fluttering away before sunrise in a lovely haiku poem on the left and then the right page tells about moths, such as camouflage, their appearances as a survival mechanism, and that they are nocturnal with some of what they eat. These facts are quite informative and interesting. The background/borders of each page is composed of lovely drawings of the creatures.

What I loved: This is a highly informative book that would be perfect for elementary classrooms. Not only does it depict a bunch of haiku poetry, which also has intructions for how-to make your own at the end, but it also includes tons of really interesting and fascinating facts about bugs, animals, birds, and even the sky around sunrise. These are a sequential journey through nature in the time just before and after sunrise. Children can learn a lot about composing poems, nature, and step-by-step processes. The font is also large and easy to read aloud.

There are also a lot of classroom activities that could be derived from this book, including having children write their own poems, making stories using the facts in the book, learning new vocabulary (a glossary is included in the back), learning about syllables (as they are used in haiku poetry), and more. In the current climate, this would also make a great home learning tool.

Aside from these, the book can also be read faster for younger (preschool, toddler) readers by just reading through the lovely haiku poems, which provides a faster but still informative experience. The pages are very colorful and the creatures throughout are just as cute as those on the cover.

Final verdict: Highly informative, educational, and fun to read, MORNING, SUNSHINE! is a great pick for young readers.
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