Astro Kittens: Into the Unknown (Astro Kittens)

Astro Kittens: Into the Unknown (Astro Kittens)
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October 08, 2019
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Greetings, my little Astro Kittens! Are you ready to take off on your first space adventure? Join Professor Astro Cat as we head Into the Unknown, in an adventure for pre-K age kids to spark their interest in science!

What would life be like on another planet? It might be difficult to imagine, but scientific exploration and development is evolving so fast that it might not be an impossibility. From holidays on the moon to discovering aliens, this beautifully illustrated board book explore some of the research that is taking us one step closer to discovering what life might be like in the unknown.

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Wish you could teach your toddler about outer space and the basis for science-fiction? If so- or you just love science- ASTRO KITTENS: INTO THE UNKNOWN is for you. This book has fantastic, brightly-colored, and full page illustrations of the ideas presented in the text. Each spread is dedicated to a topic, such as wormholes, suspended animation, and even alien life forms. 

The cats in space suits feature on each page along with plenty of stars/sun and planets, making this a delightful visual journey as well. While some of the ideas are pretty complex, the text has simplified them somewhat. This book ends up being educational for parents as well as for their children- and many of the ideas form the basis for science-fiction which also adds interest!

What I loved: The illustrations in this are absolutely fantastic, and the text is very fun and informative. Bringing scientific concepts to children in an exciting way is a noble venture, and this is a great example. I love the cats and the thought-provoking principles that come into the book (e.g. habitable planets- some might be covered in lava!) which can spark imagination and an early love of science.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, some of the words are a little too difficult for the preschool crowd (such as inhospitable), and the text is rather small, which makes it a little hard to read when little ones are holding. However, this is a great way to learn some new words (with parental help) and could even teach parents something new!

Final verdict: Bright, informative, and simple enough for the preschool crowd, this book is a fun way to introduce science-fiction concepts to young children. If you have ever thought about making a journey to a distant planet, how we might survive and what we might find- or even if you just like science- this is a fun read to share with preschoolers.
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