Lost in the Antarctic: The Doomed Voyage of the Endurance

Lost in the Antarctic: The Doomed Voyage of the Endurance
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January 01, 2019
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There wasn’t a thing Ernest Shackleton could do. He stood on the ice-bound Weddell Sea, watching the giant blocks of frozen saltwater squeeze his ship to death. The ship’s name seemed ironic now: the Endurance. But she had lasted nine months in this condition, stuck on the ice in the frigid Antarctic winter. So had Shackleton and his crew of 28 men, trying to become the first expedition ever to cross the entire continent.

Now, in October 1915, as he watched his ship break into pieces, Shackleton gave up on that goal. He ordered his men to abandon ship. From here on, their new goal would be to focus on only one thing: survival.

Filled with incredible photographs that survived the doomed voyage of the Endurance, Lost in the Antarctic retells one of the greatest adventure and exploration stories of all time.

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Survival in the Antarctic
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LOST IN THE ANTARCTIC takes you on the doomed, yet brave journey of the ship called the Endurance and its crew. Ernest Shackleton wanted to be the first person to lead a crew across the Antarctic continent. However, the ice won't give in to their desires so easily and their trip lands them stranded on the ice when it fights back.

This book is full of historical facts and shows how quickly a brave adventure can turn into a desperate search for survival. LOST IN THE ANTARCTIC is both gruesome and inspiring. Ernest Shackleton is a man who should be admired for the journeys he made in life and how he cares for his crewmen as if they were family.

The pictures throughout the book are a great touch that give us even more insight to what their journey was like. This one is a page turner and Tod Olson does an amazing job at giving us enough facts in a way that leaves you hanging on each word. My heart went out for the crew as I read and I love the glossary and author's note in the back of the book.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of history, adventure, survival situations, and exploration.
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