Lovely Beasts

Lovely Beasts
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September 18, 2018
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A stunning debut picture book that encourages kids to look beyond first impressions by sharing unexpected details about seemingly scary wild animals like gorillas, rhinoceroses, and more.

Spiders are creepy. Porcupines are scary. Bats are ugly. Or are they...?

This captivating book invites you to learn more about awe-inspiring animals in the wild. After all, it’s best not to judge a beast until you understand its full, lovely life.

Includes backmatter with additional reading suggestions.

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LOVELY BEASTS teaches that animals you may believe to be scary, are actually not so bad and that there's so much more to them. The author uses a negative adjective that is typically used for an animal. Then, Kate Gardner uses a positive one that others may not consider. It also explains the why behind it.

Spiders are definitely known to be creepy, but people don't usually think of them as crafters. They design beautiful webs! This is one of the animals in the book along with gorillas, porcupines, bats, and many more.

LOVELY BEASTS makes you look at some animals differently, instead of just sticking to the stereotypes. It's educational with some fun facts like some bats eat 8000 mosquitoes a night, which makes them a caretaker.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children who love to learn, love animals, and like to think out of the box.
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