Let's Investigate with Nate #2: The Solar System

Let's Investigate with Nate #2: The Solar System
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August 01, 2017
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Bill Nye the Science Guy meets The Magic School Bus!

This is the second book in a new STEM-based picture book series from the Emmy Award-winning host of PBS’s Design Squad and Design Squad Nation, Nate Ball. With a lively cast of characters and vibrant illustrations by Wes Hargis, it's an adventure in learning!

Ever look up at the sky and wonder how many planets there are? Or want to know how many Earths could fit within the Sun? Take a ride 3.6 billion miles away to answer these questions and more while exploring the solar system with Nate and his team of adventurous scientists! Walk on the moon, fly with a satellite, gaze at comets, and discover why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

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Felix, Rosa, Braden, and Wendy are investigating with Nate again and this time it's all about the solar system. They're investigating whether or not Pluto is a planet. The definition of a planet has changed, even though Pluto hasn't.

On this adventure, Nate teaches about planets, gravity, satellites, moons, and asteroids. They discover these things while on the way to Pluto, since Pluto is so far away. It also teaches about galaxies and stars.

I loved that Nate Ball makes learning fun and seem like an adventure. I read his first one which is about the Water Cycle and this one reads the same. In the back of the book, there's a glossary and even an experiment for you to do at home. It's "Make Your Own Gravity Slingshot".

Final Verdict: I loved this book as much as this first one. I would recommend this to children who like space and museums. It also clears up why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.
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