Animals Do, Too!

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May 02, 2017
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“Do you like to dance?” asks the first spread of this playful nonfiction picture book. “Honeybees do, too!” responds the next. Illustrating the simple text are joyful drawings that visually connect the children enjoying a dance party to the honeybees performing their own “dance” in the hive. A block of more in-depth text fleshes out what the honeybees are actually doing and why: their waggle dance tells other honeybees “where to find a tasty meal.” Using this same rhythmic question-and-answer style throughout, the book compares a series of children's favorite activities to similar things that animals do. From playing tag and leapfrog (gazelles and cattle egrets) to blowing bubbles and getting piggyback rides (gray tree frogs and marmosets), there are seven activities/animals in all. And though the behaviors might look the same, while the children are playing, the animals are performing essential tasks such as finding food or caring for their young. Award-winning author Etta Kaner has created a fun, engaging exploration of some ways animals behave just like people. By highlighting connections between human and animal behaviors, she encourages children to develop compassion for other creatures and to recognize their place within the natural world. This book would make an excellent resource for early life science lessons on the characteristics of living things, especially with the expanded information in the back matter about each of the animals found in the book. The question-and-answer pattern of the text together with Marilyn Faucher's inviting, detailed illustrations work as an entertaining, interactive read-aloud as well.

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An Engaging Picture Book about Animal Behaviour
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What an enthralling little book this is! Growing up, I didn’t read too much non-fiction because I didn’t have access to a lot of reading material that presented information in a fun, friendly way. But I’m really glad that so many books are blurring the lines between ‘teaching’ and ‘storytelling’ these days.

I found the concept of the book really smart—it basically points out the similarities between animal and human behaviour using a playful question-answer format. Each answer is then accompanied by a short note that further explains the reasons for that particular behaviour. Not only does the book reveal some fascinating facts about the natural world, but it also helps build a sense of empathy among children for animals.

ANIMALS DO, TOO! is one of the best introductions to the animal kingdom for the target age group that I’ve ever come across. I honestly cannot point out a single flaw—it’s gorgeously illustrated, the writing is nice and lucid, and it has some really interesting information that I’m sure would surprise even adult readers. I know I was certainly hooked! In fact, my only grouse is that there aren’t more pages.

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