The Holocaust: The Origins, Events, and Remarkable Tales of Survival

The Holocaust: The Origins, Events, and Remarkable Tales of Survival
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September 13, 2016
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During World War II, six million Jewish men, women, and children lost their lives under the Nazis, in one of the darkest events of modern history. The Holocaust: The Origins, Events, and Remarkable Tales of Survival is a thought-provoking new book that explores the circumstances that led to the Holocaust, examines what life was like in concentration camps, and retells incredible stories of heroism in a sensitive and accessible way for a young audience.

Featuring full-color illustrations, historical photographs, and maps and charts, this large format book is perfect for parents and teachers who want to introduce this subject to young readers. Eyewitness accounts and real-life stories of loss, courage, and survival bring a humanity and immediacy to the facts and images, making The Holocaust a compelling and invaluable read for a new generation.

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Even though there have been a large number of books about the Holocaust, I am always looking for more. Young people don't quite understand what happened, and this is often a subject that is studied in school. This book is an excellent example of how to deliver an overview of information in a way that is both sensitive, complete, and easy to understand.

The chapters are broken down into a general background of issues facing the world at the time, the events of the war and the persecution of Jews, and the end of the war and the fallout from it. This last section is one that is not given enough coverage, so I was glad to see a great deal of information about Israel, its formation, role in the immediate post war era, and its challenges today.

Each two page spread concentrates on one facet of the general topic-- Germany After World War I is an example. The pages will show a panoramic picture; overtop of this is place an overview, and then several other topics, each with a paragraph explaining them, a picture, and a description of the picture in a yellow box. This breakdown makes it very easy to understand the general topic, and the pictures are well chosen and informative.

While the Holocaust is not a particularly easy subject to read about, it still intrigues children. The Holocaust: The Origins, Events, and Remarkable Tales of Survival is a great way to introduce this topic to young readers.
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I really cannot say enough about the format of this book. It is really brilliant. When pictures do not form the background, there are suitable textures behind the information-- brick, wood, leather, etc. Not only is the book a pleasure to read individually, but the pages would be fantastic for showing to a class, especially since this is a larger format book (10.3 x 0.5 x 11.8 inches). This is one of those rare books that makes me want to buy two copies-- one for children to read, and the other to take apart, laminate the pages, and use them for bulletin boards!
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