The Blobfish Book

The Blobfish Book
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May 17, 2016
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Perfect for fans of Battle Bunny and Z Is for Moose, this irresistible book within a book introduces us to Blobfish, known as the “ugliest fish in the sea”...or is he actually the fish who will steal our hearts?

Did you know that the deepest parts of the ocean are over one mile deep—too far down for any sunlight to reach? That’s where Blobfish lives. But this book isn’t about Blobfish...or is it?

This true (clever) story about the (misunderstood) Blobfish is sure to make you smile. Full of fun facts about sea creatures in the deepest reaches of the ocean, this book is perfect for any science lover. From Jessica Olien, the author/illustrator of Shark Detective.

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THE BLOBFISH BOOK by Jessica Olien is unlike any picture book I've read. Combining real data, photos of deep sea marine life, and comedic illustration, the book creates a conversation between reader...and Blobfish himself.

From page one, Blobfish interrupts the book by crossing out "Deep Sea" in The Deep Sea Book, and replacing it with "The Blobfish Book." He then introduces himself. "Hi, I'm blobfish!" It'll make any kid reading this book giggle at Blobfish's antics. He wants to be seen because he is the star of this book. At least, in his mind he is. Every page has a photograph and details about the deep sea world. The facts range from the zones of the ocean to other creatures that live in the deep sea. We get viperfish and jellyfish, and jewel squid. Blobfish is there on every page, anxious and excited (and bored), waiting for the book to get to the information page on the blobfish!

When it does happen, Blobfish has a terrible realization. He finds out that the blobfish "was once voted the world's ugliest animal." Blobfish is hurt and ugly-cries because everyone thinks he's ugly. All of the creatures that come together to make Blobfish feel better. They talk about some of their own features that seem ugly or scary to others.

The Blobfish Book is equal parts informative and laugh-out-loud funny. It has a strong undercurrent (no pun intended) of the power of friendship and teaches the valuable lesson: don't judge others by their appearance.
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