Every Picture Tells A Story, Volume One: Bereishis

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October 01, 2014
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Vividly hand-illustrated with colorful portrayals of Torah personalities and events, the Every Picture Tells a Story series brings the weekly Torah portion to life with illustrations, Torah verses, and descriptive commentary based on Midrash and other sources. The books are written in Hebrew and English. Appealing to readers of all ages, they are delightful storybooks for young readers, wonderful books to read to children, educational for newcomers to Judaism and wonderful additions to any book collection. Each volume of the five-book series corresponds to one of the five books of the Torah. Volume One: Bereishis (Genesis) contains illustrations of the weekly Torah readings from the beginning of Creation through to the end of Jacob’s days. Volume Two: Shmos (Exodus) contains illustrations of the weekly Torah readings from the beginning of the enslavement of the Children of Israel in Egypt through to the indwelling of the Divine Presence in the Tabernacle. Every volume of Every Picture Tells a Story has a companion coloring book, making learning Torah for children fun and creative. Each coloring page depicts people, places and/or events from the weekly Torah readings, together with an explanatory title presented in both voweled Hebrew and English. These quality coloring books have been printed on durable recycled paper stock. Crayons, colored pencils and pens and water color paints can be used to color the images.

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