Ocean Creatures: A 3D Pocket Guide

Ocean Creatures: A 3D Pocket Guide
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March 25, 2014
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Learn about life under the sea in this fascinating, fold-out pocket guide in a handy case. Pop-ups, too! Which fearsome ocean creature has razor-sharp teeth and can smell a drop of blood a mile away? What comical-looking fish inflates to twice its size to stave off predators — and is covered with poisonous spines? Did you know that the world’s largest jellyfish is a carnivore that catches victims in its "mane"? Learn about these and nine other creatures of the sea in an engaging guide complete with a glossary.

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(Updated: May 28, 2014)
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The timing of this little guide coming into my hands was just perfect. My oldest has been interested in the ocean since the age of two, and she just keeps asking more and more questions and seeking out more information on oceans (she has another pop-up book she's been getting into lately and just asked for an app on ocean creatures). We are so excited about this pop-up guide to more creatures!

First of all, the illustrations in this guide are just impeccable. I adore these paintings. I also adore the setup of this guide. You pull the booklet out of it's nice little case, and then begin to open up a world of information on each segment--it's got pop-up pictures that you can go through one by one, or you can just pull it open and look at it all at once, and it is double-sided. The animals detailed inside are all typically of interest to most children (jellyfish, spider crabs, whales, dolphins, seahorses, and more!), and there is a small glossary and a list of the world's oceans as well. I have got to say, I want every one of these pocket guides now that I've got my hands on this lovely wrought Ocean Creatures guide.
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