Psalm 23

Psalm 23
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February 05, 2013
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In this follow-up to his bestselling children's book, The Lord's Prayer, illustrator Richard Jesse Watson brings to life the beloved Psalm 23. Watson's use of vibrant color and detailed imagery beautifully captures the essence of the comforting words of David, bringing the King James Version of Psalm 23 alive for readers young and old.

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What I loved:
Peruse any picture book aisle at any bookstore and you'll see no shortage of biblical passages paired with colorful illustrations, making the bible accessible for young ones. But where most of these picture books leave off, Psalm 23 adds a valuable element I haven't seen before.

Psalm 23 certainly has vibrant illustrations, and I loved the juxtaposition in the artwork between children and lambs, which helps kids decipher the psalm's true meaning -- that God is our shepherd. The rich colors will have little ones gazing at the pages in wonder for years to come.

But my favorite part? At the end, each line of Psalm 23 is broken down and explained in kid-friendly terms. Example:

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
"God watches over me like a shepherd watches over his sheep. He protects me and takes care of all my needs."

and further:

He restoreth my soul
"When I make a mistake, God forgives me. When I'm lonely or sad, God comforts me."

This small addition turns this book into a mini-study bible. I can't wait to see more from Richard Jesse Watson. I think I'm sold for life.

What left me wanting:
I really enjoyed the illustrations at the beginning and end of the book of children from all nationalities. I'd love to see a book from Watson with those children as the main characters in the book. Just a suggestion!
Good Points
- Gorgeous, lush illustrations
- Line-by-line study guide that explains the meaning being each poetic verse
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