Lincoln's Grave Robbers

Lincoln's Grave Robbers
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January 01, 2013
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A true crime thriller -- the first book for teens to tell the nearly unknown tale of the brazen attempt to steal Abraham Lincoln's body!

The action begins in October of 1875, as Secret Service agents raid the Fulton, Illinois, workshop of master counterfeiter Ben Boyd. Soon after Boyd is hauled off to prison, members of his counterfeiting ring gather in the back room of a smoky Chicago saloon to discuss how to spring their ringleader. Their plan: grab Lincoln's body from its Springfield tomb, stash it in the sand dunes near Lake Michigan, and demand, as a ransom, the release of Ben Boyd --and $200,000 in cash. From here, the action alternates between the conspirators, the Secret Service agents on their trail, and the undercover agent moving back and forth between the two groups. Along the way readers get glimpses into the inner workings of counterfeiting, grave robbing, detective work, and the early days of the Secret Service. The plot moves toward a wild climax as robbers and lawmen converge at Lincoln's tomb on election night: November 7, 1876.

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Thrilling Look at the Attempt to Steal Lincoln's Body!
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Lincoln's Grave Robbers is an exciting,fast paced and well-researched story of a little-known crime in post-Civil War history. It is a historical non-fiction book that portrays the events of men who make countereit money. They hatch a plan to steal Abraham Lincoln's body and ransom it for the release of a friend in jail.

Author Steve Sheinkin presents the material with clear prose and a great eye for telling detail. From this book, I learned more about the Secret Service, the different ways that people used to get counterfeit money into circulation, and what they had to do to get detective work done. this is the type of history I wish they would teach in school. They are fascinating and readers can learn so much about how different life was like back then.

The history buffs young and old won't be able to put this book down. For those looking to try reading up on history- this is the book for you. The entire account reads like a true crime novel- while sticking to the facts. The writing captures the moments with great detail and keep the readers attention. There are images scattered throughout the book that help emphasize the details and allow the reader to visual specifically what was going on during that time.

This book is highly recommended to readers of all ages. Readers of Chasing Lincoln's Killer, will find this a great companion and addition to their collection. This is a must read.
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