While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping
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December 01, 2012
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Discover the amazing things that happen around the world while you are asleep!

Books are often used to put children to bed. But what happens after we close our eyes? The world keeps spinning, people go to work, machines plug on, and many of the Earth's living creatures are just waking up! WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING is going to fill its readers in on everything they're missing after they drift off to sleep. The book is divided into six chapters (animals, the human body, space, pop culture, and sports), with each chapter focusing on different activities that happen every night. The pages will have fun and kid-friendly, full-color illustrations throughout.

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Not only does WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING open your eyes to all the incredible facts that happen across the globe each night, it will also make you laugh and say, "What?! How cool!" more than you may think.

For instance, did you know NASA launched a spacecraft called Juno, which is manned by three Lego figurines? No kidding! While you're snoozing away, these three little Lego buddies are careening toward Jupiter on a mission. How cool is that? NASA just went up in my estimation right there. I can just imagine the confusion an alien species might have if they intercepted that spacecraft...

Space is just one of the several categories in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. Joining it are The Human Body, Animals, Nature, and Pop Culture. You'll discover answers to all sorts of zany (and not so zany) questions. Which creepy and crawly creatures only come out at night? How many skin cells does your body shed in your sleep? How many tweets are posted on Twitter during the nighttime hours? Which plant makes the most...noise?!

Matthew and Steve Murrie's fact books for kids are some of my favorite books on the market. Each fact is delivered succinctly and simply with lots of humor, so even the most "anti-educational book" kid will be entertained. These books are great for classrooms, for science project or essay reference, or for the science lover in your family. I'd even recommend them as a way to get a reluctant child interested in science and the world around them.

I was quite the science geek as a child, and I would have loved to have these books (EVERY MINUTE ON EARTH, EVERY DAY ON EARTH, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING) while I was growing up. I suggest taking them on road trips. They're great to read aloud!
Good Points
- gasp-worthy facts that will delight your kids
- cute/quirky illustrations
- super succinct phrasing makes each fact fun for even the most reluctant reader
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