Animals and Their Families

Animals and Their Families
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April 01, 2012
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Featuring playful illustrations and small vignettes of text, Animals and their Families crosses continents and habitats to introduce children to nearly three dozen land-, sea-, and tree-dwelling animals including gazelles, penguins, owls, and more.

Each spread is rich with information and will help a child explore the animal kingdom in many simple and accessible ways. A new creature is introduced in silhouette, while the facing page shows that same creature in its natural habitat, playing with, caring for, or teaching its young. All members of the animal family — male and female, adult and baby — are illustrated in warm colors and identified by the proper term. Small bits of text share the sound each animals makes, where it lives, and what it eats with young readers. Animals and their Families is a must-have book for any young child curious about the animal kingdom.

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(Updated: May 16, 2012)
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I love a picture book that is not only cute and entertaining but also teaches something. ANIMALS AND THEIR FAMILIES is a beautiful book that has information about all different kinds of animals-- and not just the typical dog, cat, horse, and cow (although those are included too) that many books gravitate towards. On each double page spread there is a black and white picture of the animal, for instance a peacock, and then a picture and name of the female (peahen), male, and baby (peachick) as well as a simple description of their home, their sound, and what food they like.

The teacher in me thinks that if you have a early childhood or primary class and have to do some sort of animal project, this would be a great resource to get their little brains heading in the right direction.

I love the cover, the feel of the pages, and the illustrations. This is a beautiful book!
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