Get Outside: The Kids Guide To Fun In The Great Outdoors

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Get Outside: The Kids Guide To Fun In The Great Outdoors
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March 01, 2012
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Armed with Get Outside, a kid will never say, "I'm bored!" again. This book is a key to the world of fun beyond the front door. Activities are divided into four categories (Nature Lover, Outdoor Fun and Games, Cozy Inside and Look to the Sky), where readers will find instructions for making things like sundials, bird feeders and kites, as well as rules for games such as 500 Up, Spud and Shinny. Accompanying these descriptions are fun facts and scientific, historic and cultural context. The passage on playing jacks, for example, includes a sidebar about a similar game played by the ancient Greeks. Children in Northern climes will love learning to play traditional First Nations winter games and be thrilled to find out how to create a backyard ice rink. It's a wealth of fun and fascination that will captivate any young person -- who won't mind ditching the video game for the great outdoors.

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This is a fun book for kids that offers great alternatives to sitting in front of a screen, whether it be a T.V., computer or video game screen. It covers all four seasons and includes indoor activities for those bad weather days too. The directions are explained easily enough and the illustrations precise.

Some of the games and activities include:
A scavenger hunt
Creating a bird feeder
Flying a kite
How to use a sundial
Stargazing for the different seasons and lots of other cool things!
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