An Edible Alphabet: 26 Reasons to Love the Farm

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An Edible Alphabet: 26 Reasons to Love the Farm
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July 26, 2011
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Bouncing blueberries, eager ewes, and giggling geese!

Join this lively bunch on an alphabetical tour of today’s farm. With families and schools thinking more than ever about fresh, healthful choices for the table, kids want to know about the foods they see and eat every day: Where does it come from? How is it grown? What’s the difference between a fruit and a veggie? Why don’t chickens have teeth?

This entertaining survey of modern farming provides a wealth of farm facts and farm lore, including:

-Why some egg yolks are deep orange and others pale yellow
-Which kind of tomato is used to make ketchup
-What butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and bees all have in common
-Why farmers love ladybugs
-Why sheep smell with their feet

Of course there are far more than 26 reasons to love the farm. What are yours?

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Who doesn't love a picture book that can grow old with a reader? Young readers will enjoy Michela Sorrentino's beautiful artwork in AN EDIBLE ALPHABET. Her collages combine paper and acrylic paint to create multilayered illustrations that add dimension to the text. Early readers will enjoy the labels on the illustrations and the alliterative titles like "Reliable Red Rooster" and "Tip Top Tasty Tomato".

Stronger readers can learn quite a bit about agriculture; I know that I did! Complex vocabulary words like ruminants, alevin, and pollination are sprinkled through the text and are explained well. Plus, I don't think I heard about kohlrabi until I was in my twenties, but it has its own chapter here.

This is a worthwile investment...the whole family will learn a lot!
Good Points
Appeals to many age levels
Lots of information about agriculture
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