Space Tourism (Machines of the Future)

Space Tourism (Machines of the Future)
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August 01, 2011
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The final frontier is no longer the exclusive domain of professional astronauts. More and more, ordinary tourists are venturing into the great beyond. Written in a clear, kid-friendly style and accentuated with fun, detailed illustrations, Space Tourism gives readers an exciting overview of this burgeoning industry. To add context, there are simple explanations of the science behind space travel (such as a super description of how rockets work) and even direct quotes from space-tourism experts, who share realworld experiences and introduce easy experiments and activities (such as building a "gravity simulator" with cardboard and string). Kids will love learning about the latest innovations and will find their imaginations ignited by future possibilities -- such as an Earth-space elevator (not as far-fetched as it sounds) and a space station replete with grassy valleys, streams and trees.

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I was completely blown away by this book. Not only is it informative, interesting and educational, it has great pictures and a range of topics for the whole family to enjoy!

This book includes topics ranging from 'Trips for the Rich', Living on the International Space Station, and a list of 'Today's Space Fleet'. Each page is filled with tons of facts and great pictures. And if that's not enough, there are many activities you can do as well, ranging from a gravity simulator to launching a space vacation plane!

My two young boys are very interested in space and they love learning about it. So, this book is a favorite in our household. This book is really meant for older children though, at least age 8, so littler ones will definitely need an adult to help them understand the concepts.

Overall, great read and very informative and fun!
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