Across the Savannah (Travels to Fahdamin-Ra #2)

Across the Savannah (Travels to Fahdamin-Ra #2)
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May 04, 2010
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The well-rounded characters of 12-year-old Joel Bridges and his 14-year-old sister, Celestine, are at it again, this time setting out to rescue the lost people of the tribes of Fahdamin-Ra. Filled with magic and battles against someone more evil than the Shadow Men encountered in TRAVELS TO FAHDAMIN-RA, the teens must use their Creator powers to triumph over the cruel Lord Ba-ba-law-o and free the lost people. Will two teens, a faithful dragon, and a herd of elephants be any match for the older and evil ruler? Join Joel and Celestine Bridges and their friends as they match wits with the wicked tyrant and his diabolical son. This is an adventure you'll never forget!

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