Lady Knight (Crystal Journals) Book 3

Lady Knight (Crystal Journals) Book 3
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Comwave Publishing House
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Published Date
September 15, 2017
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Shortlisted 2018-19 "Chocolate Lily Book Award"...

In this exciting third installment of the Crystal Journals series, Susan Sinclair travels to medieval Europe to battle knights and save an empire.

The year is 1212, and young Susan finds herself in the Holy Roman Empire. She’s joined by her cousin Jason, who, although scared at first, is happy to help with the mission when he discovers his cancer has magically healed. Together, they aid a royal run-away, Katerina, who’s being hunted by knights who want to suppress the secret she has discovered. Disguising Katerina as a boy and traveling with the German children’s crusade, Susan and Jason battle conspirators to return Katerina safely to her family and warn them of danger.

Susan also faces her own challenge: pushing her boundaries and evolving her crystal magic. Relying on friendship, courage, and resourcefulness, Susan must find the strength to persevere before all hope—and history—is lost.

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