A Rare Gift (Crystal Journals) Book 1

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Comwave Publishing House
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Published Date
April 07, 2016
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Shortlisted 2017-18 "Chocolate Lily Book Award"...
When Susan Sinclair is dragged along to a flea market with her parents, a woman she’s never seen before unexpectedly gives her a crystal. Suddenly, every time she falls asleep, Susan is transported back in time to a migrant ship in the 1860s. Susan tries to return the crystal, but she’s horrified to learn she cannot do so until she has completed the task for which she has been chosen.
Fortunately, Susan quickly gets used to time travel, and she realizes she’s meant to help a young orphan she’s met on the ship. But she does not realize she could be in danger until a bully steals the crystal and traps Susan in the past. Will Susan rise to the challenge to help Jeremy and return home, or is she doomed to the same fate as the poor nineteenth-century orphan boy?

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