Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe

Young World Travelers and the Magical Crystal Globe
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Rick Sanders
Publisher Name
thewordverve inc
Age Group
Published Date
May 18, 2014
ISBN Number
With a Magical Crystal Globe, where would you go? Six children from a small Florida town set off on an adventure to New York, using their imaginations and Mrs. Eva's Magic Crystal Globe. "Close your eyes . . ." she says. Imagine . . . Poof! The Young World Travelers are in Queens, New York, for their first Magical Crystal Globe adventure, where they visit famous sites, such as the Queens County Farm, a civil war fort, and Flushing Meadows, the site of the 1938 and 1964 World's Fairs! They ride a train, a covered wagon, and a classic car to their various destinations, sometimes even dressed in the clothing of the times! Suddenly faraway places are not so far, and history meets the present in a colorful display of imagination. Will you become a Young World Traveler too? ~~~~~ "EDU-TAINMENT" The Young World Travelers™ series The Young World Travelers™ invite you on many exciting journeys to explore THEIR worlds ... The series is intended to be a "reference library" of travel from a child's perspective. From story to story, the Young World Travelers™ will share the histories of each place they visit, the cultures, the architecture, the modes of travel, currency, food and music, to name a few. The stories will also incorporate the concepts of sharing and manners, compassion and empathy, and integrity. The educational aspect along with the uplifting camaraderie combine to offer a new form of learning: edu-tainment!

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