The Peerless Seer's War

The Peerless Seer's War
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May 10, 2017
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Settled in a small mountain town with her aunt and uncle, twelve-year-old Emaleen Barsan used to live a pretty normal life. But one day, she discovered she possessed a set of mystical, otherworldly abilities, and everything began to change. Now, after winning a battle against a rival seer named Maerdern, whom she has stripped of his powers, Emaleen and her fledgling alliance take up a new home, Niagara Falls, New York. There, she discovers additional secrets about her family's history, along with new skills and resources that she will use to fight her next enemy, Lanus who had been plotting to overthrow Maerdern. In the action-packed third installment of the Emaleen Andarsan series, join Emaleen as she once again as she uncovers new and exciting secrets, experiences growth toward her potential as a seer, a young woman, and a leader.

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