The Great Wizard Wars

The Great Wizard Wars
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January 28, 2017
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The Great Wizard Wars is a humorous and action-packed tale of wars between good and evil armies of wizards and witches.
The good wizards and witches are leading modern, extraordinary lives, going about their day-to-day business in a peaceful manner, hidden from the rest of the world.
Then along comes an evil old wizard who breaks an ancient truce. He builds a bumbling, backward and outrageously dim-witted Dark Army ... intent on causing mayhem.
A chivalrous army is formed. A race to revive the ancestors from the first war begins to bolster numbers and gain an advantage over the other side.
Four young wizards and witches plus a loveable little dragon and a very hungry, zany snake are drawn into perilous situations.
Mind reading ability allows the distinct personalities of the dragons and other creatures to shine through.
Ferocious dragons, unpredictable zilants and mythical creatures abound. Roald Dahl fans of gross humour will be amused by the outlandish behaviour and foul habits of the evil rabble.
The young heroes face an ironic plot twist at the end. The concluding chapter opens the way for a sequel.

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