The Crystal Clipper

The Crystal Clipper
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March 20, 2017
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“The Crystal Clipper” is the fairy Tale adventure, for this is how we all begin to deal with life - by daydreaming fantastic ways to deal with life’s problems. For David, the princess Imprisoned in the tower, the monsters, the deceptions and Temptations in the Prism Palace represent the conflicts and fears of everyday life.
David Nickerson begins his fantastic journeys as a boy trying to cope with a series of family crises: his Father’s unemployment, his sister’s paralysis, the death of his mother, and his deafness after a serious illness.
When David acquires a sacred Singer crystal, he conjures up the supernaturally-powered clipper ship Moon Singer, which takes him on spectacular sojourns to past and future lifetimes. The people he encounters all have a soul connection
to one another and their lives are destined to intertwine many times over.
With the help of a young princess who has the power of healing in her song, David is ultimately transformed into a young man who can “hear” what others cannot and who
can “see” what others deny. But his mission is always the same - to save a life that means more to him than his own.
“The Crystal Clipper” is the first adventure in the Moon Singer Trilogy.
What Reviewers are saying:
“Roman’s writing is well suited for young readers, but as an adult I found her story truly engaging. Her story is well told, and her keen sense of dialogue and human emotion kept the pages turning for me.”

I really like Roman’s theme of youth empowerment, and standing up for oneself and others, especially family. In this regard, I think the book has some great encouragement to give young people.

"Do you like to get extraordinary knowledge from reading a book...unexplored information...interesting new things simply explained and easily understood..." "(this book) gives an important contribution for the reader's future life...(readers) can appreciate every little thing that happens to us..."

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