Janetta and the Book Thief

Janetta and the Book Thief
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Anca Gabriella Marginean
Age Group
Published Date
April 15, 2017
ISBN Number
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What would you do if someone destroyed all the world's novels?

Janetta loves to read more than anything else. However, one day, the last chapters of all her books disappeared, ruining them. Worse still, she discovered that the disaster was not limited to just her books. It has happened to fiction novels everywhere. Next to go will be the writing of new books. Fictions novels will become a thing of the past.

If you could save the books, what would you do?

A book fairy invites Janetta to fairyland for a special mission. It's up to Janetta to solve the mystery and restore the books she loves! Will she succeed or will books be destroyed forever?

This chapter book for kids is illustrated with a dozen intricate, beautiful drawings. It contains positive themes about kindness, inclusiveness, and anti-bullying.

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