Three Little Shrimp

Three Little Shrimp
Age Group
Published Date
May 10, 2013
ISBN Number
978 0 9858469 0 9
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As a troop of shrimp are heading off to the sea, three young shrimp become mesmerized by the wonders all around them. Unable to contain their curiosity, they swim away from the safety of the group to explore their surroundings. These young prawns are unaware of the dangers that lurk in the depths of the sea. Four unseen predators watch as the little shrimp swim right in front of them. Without the protection and guidance of the troop, the three little shrimp put themselves in jeopardy. The predators wait patiently for their chance to catch and eat the three shrimp. Each takes careful aim and prepares to strike. Meanwhile, the three young shrimp are having so much fun that they do not even notice the danger. The predators make their move, but the three little shrimp somehow escape each time. Later in the day, the young shrimp grow tired and want to find their troop. So they swim around until they end up “right behind” their troop. All the shrimp are happy and swim to the bottom of the sea where they sleep the night on their grassy sea beds.

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