Made in China

Made in China
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  • Kristin Blackwood
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Vanita Books
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June 01, 2008
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Made In China touches on two seemingly unrelated subjects - adoption and sibling relations. As told in this story. These are intertwined and very important to one young child who literally was "made in China." The story begins when the child is told by her older sister, in a teasing manner, that she is adopted from China, and "marked" just like the broom and their toys. Upset, she goes to her father who tells her the story of how she came to be their child but "you're not made like a toy, you were made in China to give us joy." And, he also reminds her that "you are much more than what people say about you." The story is resolved with her older sister and she is reassured that "In all the wide world we couldn't love you more."

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As a mother of a precious daughter we brought home from China, I was very invested in the contents of this book. Some books dealing with the theme of adoption and belonging just don't hit the mark for me. This one was absolutely lovely. The only part of the book that I didn't care for was using the Chinese girl's sister to point out her differences instead of using someone outside the family. My biological children accept and adore their sister and would never say something to make her feel like she was less than 100% loved, so that was hard to swallow. However, the father's response was perfect, and the lesson in these beautifully illustrated pages is that love has nothing to do with where you were born or how you came to be in a family, and true love is permanent and all-encompassing.
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