The Grey King (The Dark Is Rising #4)

The Grey King (The Dark Is Rising #4)
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July 01, 1975
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"Fire on the Mountain Shall Find the Harp of Gold Played to Wake the Sleepers, Oldest of the Old..."

With the final battle between the Light and the Dark soon approaching, Will sets out on a quest to call for aid. Hidden within the Welsh hills is a magical harp that he must use to wake the Sleepers - six noble riders who have slept for centuries.

But an illness has robbed Will of nearly all his knowledge of the Old Ones, and he is left only with a broken riddle to guide him in his task. As Will travels blindly through the hills, his journey will bring him face-to-face with the most powerful Lord of the Dark - the Grey King. The King holds the harp and Sleepers within his lands, and there has yet to be a force strong enough to tear them from his grasp...

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Reader reviewed by cat

Amongst the rolling hills and misty mountains of Wales, one young English boy recovers from the mumps. And remembers...

The Dark is Rising series will be getting a lot of attention soon with the release of a motion picture, and I sincerly hope that eager readers take the opportunity to read this series' fourth and, in my opinion best, installment.

Will, youngest of the Stanton brood, and a new character, Bran, the albino boy with the dog that sees the wind, make a splenid duet as they delve into the secrets of the mountains where Bran grew up. Cooper's ability to draw upon the strength of the legend of Arthur and so convincingly meld it with our own time is brilliant, and in a mob of young, male, British fantasy heroes, Will Stanton stands out.

Don't wait for the movie; read the Dark is Rising Series and enter a world of magic, legend, and, you guessed it, darkness. Don't worry, though- there's still hope for the Light!
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