Justin Fisher Declares War!

Justin Fisher Declares War!
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August 01, 2010
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Fifth grade is no joke! James Preller takes on the class clown in this new school story, full of humor, hijinks, and heart. At Spiro Agnew Elementary, the fifth graders rule the school. And class clown Justin Fisher rules them all. Or, at least, he did. Justin has always been the funniest kid in school. But this year, his new teacher isn't amused. And when Justin gets in trouble with Mr. Tripp over and over, the other kids turn on him, too. No one wants to be friends with the class troublemaker. But Justin Fisher isn't going down without a fight.

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From the day he set foot in the school, Justin Fisher was funny. He had to be. When he slipped in the lunchroom and spaghetti landed all over him, he could look like a loser or crack up the cafetorium. Ever since, Justin creates amusement and havoc wherever he goes. Until now. His fifth grade teacher, Mr. Tripp, dislikes Justins antics and soon Justin finds his classmates resenting his snarky remarks. Former friends begin to abandon him. But Justin wont take this sitting down. Hes standing up to Mr. Tripp. This is war!

James Prellers likable book about class clowns and their inner workings will strike a chord with readers. Everyone wants to be liked and Preller intuitively taps this through Justin Fisher, a young man who tries just a bit too hard.

In a satisfying, but age-appropriate way, characters grow and change, including the antagonist, Mr. Tripp. Readers will root for Justin and, at the same time, shake their heads at his antics. Both student and teacher have been crafted with solid character motivations.

The short chapters also make Justin Fisher Declares War! a friendly read for more reluctant readers. A delightful addition to the world of humorous middle grade fiction.
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