One Is Not a Lonely Number

One Is Not a Lonely Number
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June 09, 2010
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Thirteen-year-old Talia Shumacher is the only child of a wealthy orthodox couple, known for their hospitality. As Talia becomes a teenager, her parents' open-door policy begins to irritate her. When Gabrielle Markus, an eccentric twenty-three-year old ballet dancer shows up one day, Talia's life is turned upside down. Convinced that Gabrielle is harboring a secret, Talia and her friends set out to uncover it. Along the way, Talia must deal with the loneliness she feels as an only child living in a religious community that celebrates large families. In discovering Gabrielle's secret, Talia discovers secrets about herself and her parents. Talia's gift for math and her unusual way of thinking about numbers is woven into the story along with themes of friendship, individuality, and acceptance.

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Reader reviewed by Agent 87

math-whiz, Talia Schumacher, the narrator of One Is Not A Lonely Number
by Evelyn Krieger, is an only child who wishes she wasnt. All her friends in
her Jewish day school have siblings, which makes her want a sibling even more.
Talia lives in a large home in the fictional town of Greensborough,
Massachusetts with her wealthy and hospitable parents. Each week Talias Mother
and Father host a variety of guests for the Jewish Sabbath as well as other
holidays. Our house is an open house, Mrs. Schumacher tells Talia when she
complains about having so many guests. Talia doesnt understand why her parents
go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to Jewish hospitality. One
day, Gabrielle Markus, a twenty-three-year-old soul-searching ballet-dancer
shows up on the Schumachers doorstep. After a couple weeks go by, Talia
realizes that Gabrielle isnt leaving anytime soon. Gabrielles eccentric
personality is driving Talia nuts. Soon Gabrielle becomes involved in Talias
life in more ways than she would like. Talia is sure Gabrielle is hiding a
secret, and with the help of her three best friends, she sets out to learn more
about Gabrielles mysterious past. Along the way, Talia discovers things about
herself, friendship, and family.

Talias quirky number sense (numbers have colors and personalities!)
adds a special touch to this story, and themes of loneliness, friendship and
unity are weaved into this fantastic read. The author breathes life into the
characters through dialogue, personality and bits of humor. The twists and
turns in the story kept me reading all night. Girls, especially, will enjoy this unique and engaging read from start to finish!
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