Seeing Emily

Seeing Emily
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November 01, 2005
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The stunning new talent, Joyce Lee Wong, delivers a poignant, lyrical novel about the experiences of a Chinese American teenage girl by a stunning new talent. In the successful style of David Levithan's The Realm of Possibility and Sonya Sones' What My Mother Doesn't Know, this free verse novel introduces readers to sixteen-year-old Emily, one of three Asian students at her high school in Richmond, Virginia, and the only child of protective, ambitious parents. She loves her parents and has always strived to please them, but her interest in a sexy new student, her growing passion for art, and her need to break away without breaking her tightly-knit family apart, force Emily to create a web of lies that ultimately traps her just as tightly as her circumstances. Through her art she finds a key to freedom and a new understanding of her place in the world. Joyce Lee Wong's dazzling debut addresses the complexities of the contemporary Asian American experience, the pressures of American high school, and the age-old clash between teens and parents. This touching novel takes readers on a journey in which parents, peers and readers ultimately find new ways of seeing Emily.

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Seeing Emily is a vision of a great book...
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Reader reviewed by Miranda (Charmfairy)

Have you ever read a book so great and so little known that you think somethings wrong with the world? If so, you've read a book like Seeing Emily.

Emily Wu is a 16 year old working to balance her life at home, at work, and at school. Throughout the story, Emily learns life lessons, finds herself, and comes to appreciate both her American and Chinese culture. Joyce Lee Wong uses creative methods to express the thoughts and feelings of our hero, which captures the artsy and inventive personality of Emily as well.

Seeing Emily is a true delight to read. It's beautifully written in verse, with amazing imagery and true emotion. While it may not be a perfect book, or very well known for that matter, I find it easy to say that it's a wonderful read and by far better than some of the more popular books out there today.

For any tween or teen-age girl, especially those who have gone through some type of problem in their life (boys, parents, friends, culture, self-harmony, etc.). I think I can read it over again and again and always find something great and personal in it for me.
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