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April 03, 2007
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Floss loves spending weekends with her dad in his greasy spoon café. But when her mother and stepfather announce they are moving to Australia, Floss finds herself in an impossible situation. If she decides to stay with Dad, inept but loving and lots of fun, she won’t get to see her mom for six whole months. But if she goes with her mom, can her dad get along without her? Even worse, how will her choice affect her precious friendship with her popular but not-so-loyal best friend, Rhiannon?

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The Awesome Candyfloss!!!
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Reader reviewed by Riley

     The book Candyfloss, by Jacqueline Wilson, is a great book about a 10 year old girl by the name of Floss, who is troubled by her parents getting divorced. Flosss mom thought that money was really important, so she married a pretty wealthy man named Steve, after getting separated from Flosss dad. Steve and Flosss mom have a little boy. On the other hand, Flosss dad lives and works in a greasy café and does not earn a lot of money, but all he cares about is making his beautiful daughter feel happy. Also Floss thinks that it is important to be friends with the popular girls in school. She has a friend by the name of Rhiannon who is really popular and wealthy, and that is the only reason that Floss is friends with her. The real problem in the book is that Flosss mom, Steve, and brother are moving to Australia for six months, because Steve got a job in Sydney. Floss has to decide whether or not to go out with her mom to Australia, or stay with her loving dad in his greasy café. If she goes with her mom, will her dad be able to handle living without her? She is the one for whom he works every hour of every day to make happy! Or if she goes with her dad, will her mom be upset? What makes it even worse is that she will not be with Rhiannon.

      This book has an overall rating of 8.5 out of 10, with a lot of pros and very few cons. This book was particularly good because it was well written and addressed a girls emotional problems caused by her parents getting separated. Some of the pros are that the author was very descriptive; through the book, you learn what a good friendship is; the author talks a lot about how much the dad of Floss loves her; Lastly, the book talks about how Floss is pulled between going with her mom or staying with her dad, and how her dad really needs her. I like this book so much, that there are not many cons. Some of the cons are that sometimes the book gets a little too emotional, and it is hard to imagine a 10 year old going through so many challenges. All in all, Candyfloss is a great, page turning book!    

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