Haridama Magic Cram School

Haridama Magic Cram School
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May 20, 2008
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MAGICAL FRIENDS Kokuyo and Harika are a little unusual–and not just because they’re sorcery students. They’re Obsidians, wizards who must use enchanted swords to help them cast spells. Their fellow students think Obsidians are inferior to “normal” wizards. But Kokuyo and Harika have something that their cohorts don’t: the power of friendship!

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It's like Magic
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Reader reviewed by Andy

Haridama Magic Cram School

Author: Atsushi Suzumi

ISBN 978-0-345-50136-3

Price (in Canada): $12.50

 Its Like Magic



          Wouldnt it be awesome to use magic in our lives in an action packed adventure? Well, if your answer is yes then you will like this book.

            A boy named Kokuyo and his best friend, a girl named Harika go to a magic school. Sekei is their principal and their mentor. He teaches them that there are two forces in the human body called the Yin and Yang. To use magic you need to combine the two forces. Harika and Kokuyos bodies only contain one of the two forces. Thats the reason they need to use an obsidian, which contains the force that their missing. This makes it really hard for them to cast spells like others. The story takes place in their school. One night, The two magicians went into the forest and ran into a monster that was really strong and they had no hope of defeating it. While they were trying to defeat the monster, they touched each other and cast a spell far more powerful than any other. The weird thing was that they didnt know what happened. Coming soon is the sorcerers exam. This was an exam to become a level 3 sorcerer from and apprentice. Only a few sorcerers pass, so it is going to be challenging for Harika and Kokuyo. On top of that, they are already at a disadvantage because their bodies are different. Will they pass? Youre going to have to read the book to find out.


            I recommend this book highly because of its amazing and interesting story line. It hooks you. The illustrations are anime and they are awesome and look really cool. The author expresses the sound effects with pictures really well. The story is awesome and easy to understand. Also, the story is written so well that you can easily imagine it happening. I never thought a graphic novel could be this interesting. Its like magic.

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