Charlie Muffin's Miracle Mouse

Charlie Muffin's Miracle Mouse
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March 16, 1999
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Charlie Muffin knows mice. Long-haired mice. Curly-coated mice. Slate-blue mice. As a mouse farmer, he's bred them all. But Merry--a rather attractive new customer of Muffin's High-Class Mice--wants a mouse of a different color: a green mouse. To Charlie, a green mouse is like a flying pig -- impossible!

But against the odds, Charlie decides to go for the green. After all, if he succeeds, he'll be in the Guinness Book of World Records. And surely he'd win the highest prize at the Grand Mouse Championship Show. But most important, he'd make Merry happy. And if Merry's happy, Charlie's merry. It all sounds perfect to Charlie.

Now, if only he can work a mouse miracle...

Dick King-Smith's charm and wit abound in this affectionate, offbeat tale about a man, a mouse, and a dream.

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Reader reviewed by Michael Parsons

This book is going to take you on a thrilling ride the book I'm going to talk to you about is Charlie Muffin's Miracle Mouse. Well start out with have you ever heard of chicken farms? Well Charlie Muffin is a mouse farmer he also is a taxidermis. When he was in his house one day he heres his stuffed dog going off. He rushes out the door getting knocked down by the wind. He walks in his mouse farm and he see's a young women. Later on Merry the young women asked are you going to marry me? Next when they got married Merry quite her job and helped Charlie with his mouse farm. Later on in that story Merry came up with a rillant idea she said "why don't we color-feed them. When they colored fead them Charlie was working on a giraffe and Merry went in there and got him. Then when he saw the green mouse he named it Adam.  For there honey moon they went to a mouse competiton and when best in show.

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