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March 13, 2001
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Becky Zaslow's leukemia diagnosis has introduced her to a world she never knew existed, a scary world of hospitals and blood counts and chemotherapy. Ten-year-old Becky is afraid. But she doesn't have to go through this alone . . . she's got a trio of singing zebras to keep her company! A herd of zebras from the Serengeti plains forges a special spiritual bond with Becky. They boost her spirits by telling her the story of Zink, a polka-dotted zebra with the most courage and the biggest heart. "Think Zink," the zebras tell her when things get bad. And when Becky does as they say, her soul voyages to Africa, where her imagination can run as free as the zebras.

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Think Zink
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Reader reviewed by Crimin

Becky Zaslow has leukemia.  She has to sit through long hours of painful tests and chemo, losing her hair and, ultimately, losing her life.  She has only one thing that helps her through it all -- her zebra friends who come to her during her hardest hours to make light of the situation with jokes and a phrase that keeps Becky going.   Think Zink.   And when she does, shes whisked away to the faraway lands of Africa, where she doesnt hurt or feel weak anymore.

When I first read this book, I cried.   When I read it again, I cried.   And when I reread it, I cried again.  This is probably the most heart touching and sad books I have ever read and will continue to keep on rereading.   It is one of my favorite books out there.  Everyone should check it out.

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