100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family With 25 Great Special Effects

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100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family With 25 Great Special Effects
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August 01, 2009
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Parents, beware of this book. With 100% Pure Fake, the art of scaring the pants off friends and family reaches new levels of ease and sophistication. Pranksters can now amaze, alarm and totally disgust everyone with these easy-to-make Pure Fakes. These 25 safe, kid-tested recipes that can be made with ingredients found in most households, including corn syrup, rolled oats, makeup and pasta. Other ingredients, such as school glue, food coloring, tempera paint and gelatin, are widely available in grocery or craft stores. Each project is presented with step-by-step instructions and includes warnings for allergy and mess alerts, non-edible and edible projects, and when kids should get adult help. A few 100% Pure Fakes: Rotting Skin * Eggs, oats and other ingredients give kids a putridly convincing case of rotting skin. S'not Snot * Gelatin, food coloring and other ingredients create slimy matter dripping from noses? 100% pure disgusting. Chocolate Milk Spill * White school glue, brown tempera paint and other ingredients make a life-like spill that will deceive and annoy to the max.

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100% Pure Fake
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Thomas, Lyn. 2009. 100% Pure Fake: Gross Out Your Friends and Family
With 25 Great Special Effects. Kids Can Press. Available in August 2009.

book--in a way--is the literary equivalent to a noisy, obnoxious toy.
The kind of toy that kids love to play with--at least until they get
tired of it--but is prone to driving parents crazy. This book has boy
written all over it. (Not that it would be impossible for girls to want
to make fake poop, but more likely this one will appeal to boys over
girls.) Included in this craft book (yes, it's a craft book) are
instructions for making 'fake' vomit, blood, poop, scars, snot, moles,
road kill, etc. It's illustrated with photographs and cartoon-like

Your basic blood:
This basic blood
is thin and drippy, like blood from a finger cut or scratch. Pour a
small amount on your hand or arm and watch it dribble down. Moan a bit
and ask for a Band-Aid.

Stuff you'll need
125 mL (1/2 c.) corn syrup
5 mL (1 tsp) red food coloring
3 to 4 drops of blue food coloring.

Pour the corn syrup into a bowl. Add the food coloring. Mix well. Ta-da! Fake blood.

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