Big Rabbit's Bad Mood

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood
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March 25, 2009
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Big Rabbit has a mood. A bad mood. A mood with attitude. A big, disgusting mood that won't leave him alone. What's a rabbit to do?

He tries watching TV, but the bad mood is on every channel. He tries making a salad, but the bad mood is un-ignorable, lying on his sofa, eating chips and wiping his boogers on the rug. Whatever will make it go away?

The unusual portrayal of a bad mood as a creature that can't be banished will make kids giggle. Combined with a silly sense of humor and a very real sense of what it's like to want to shake off a grumpy feeling, this book will resonate with readers of every mood.

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Go Home, Bad Mood!
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For anyone who has ever had a bad mood--a persistent bad mood, this one is for you. Meet Big Rabbit. A bunny with one bad mood--a bad mood that is big and bad and that follows him here, there, and everywhere. Big Rabbit tries to be good and get rid of it. He tries calling a friend; he tries listening to music; he tries watching tv; he tries eating a snack; but this ONE bad mood that is sticking to him like glue. And not only that, this is a bad mood with BAD habits. (Booger-leaving habits!) After catching his bad mood in the act, he remembers what he hopes will be his cure-all for any and every problem: his mommy! Surely if anyone can make the bad mood disappear it will be his good old pancake-making mommy!!! But even that seems to have failed as he calls and she's too busy for the moment. What's a big rabbit to do? What would you do? Read and see for yourself if this bad mood ever gets vanquished!

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