Solving Zoe

Solving Zoe
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April 21, 2009
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Zoe Bennett feels lost at her fancy private school.

She's not the star drama queen like her sister, or a brainiac math genius like her brother. Luckily her best friend, Dara, is just as content as Zoe is to stay in the shadows -- or is she? When Dara gets a part in the school musical, Zoe feels abandoned. What's worse, Zoe's practically being stalked by the weird new kid, Lucas. Then Lucas accidentally drops his notebook and Zoe finds it's written in symbols and numbers -- it's complete gibberish. Yet she sees her name in there, plain as day. Now Lucas is telling her she's a natural code-reading genius -- or some kind of mental freak.

As Zoe's daydreaming lands her in trouble at school, anonymous notes start to appear in students' lockers, and Zoe is the number one suspect. Solving word puzzles may come easily to her, but now there's more at stake -- will Zoe be able to solve her way out of this?

With plenty of wit and insight, Barbara Dee has created this fresh, funny story of a girl who discovers that fitting in sometimes means standing out.

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Reader reviewed by stephanie

Solving Zoe was really cute. The plot and the characters made the book really fun.

What I liked best about Solving Zoe was Zoe, the main character. She had a ton of character and I thought it was interesting that she was extremely good at ciphers. I tried looking at them and solving such luck. Haha. Anyway, I thought Zoe was pretty in-depth person. She is really creative and I really liked that color code where 4=blue and so on [4 is the only one I remember].

And Lucas, he is a genius. Omg. There were some parts where I don't believe that he's only a 6th grader. Sometimes he seems really mature and grown-up but other times when he seems like what he is - a 6th grader. Like the part where he puts notes in people's locker because he wanted to show others what he thought of them. It was pretty immature but then again, there were times when he's a genius. Like trying to solve Mayan codes for his parents - things that no one could ever do.

This book is for a fun, relaxing, short read. So if you have time, pick this book up and learn about ciphers. :)
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