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Reader reviewed by John

Greg Kenton has always loved money; some would say hes an
entrepreneur. In order to earn money he does his sister and brothers chores,
and he sells lemonade and toys. By the time he was in sixth grade he saved over
$3,000. Greg has a rival, a sixth grade girl named Maura Shaw. One day, Greg
worries that Maura is copying his ideas when she sells lemonade at the same
time he is. First they are rivals and people make fun of them, but they turn
into friends. Greg goes to school and sells toys one day. The principal bans
this as soon as it began. Greg got an idea that he could sell comic books. Greg
wrote a comic book called Chunky Comics. Maura liked the idea and created The
Lost Unicorn comic book that she planned to sell.  Greg made some bad comments about her comic
and she accidently gives him a black eye. When Greg tries to sell the comic
books at school, Mrs. Davenport gets angry and bans the idea. Greg tells Maura
that it would be great if they teamed up and made one comic book. Maura finds
out that it is the School Committee, not Mrs. Davenport that decides if comic
books can be sold at school. They both agree to go to the Committee, but there
might be one problem.

Important characters include Greg Kenton, Maura Shaw, Mrs.
Davenport, and Mr. Z. Greg is obsessed with making and saving cash. Maura tries
to make money by copying Gregs ideas. Mrs. Davenport, the principal, is a
controlling person and often stands in Gregs way. Mr. Z helps the kids work
together and steps in when they go to the school committee. The setting for this
story takes place in the present at Gregs house or his middle school, Ashworth
Intermediate School. The plot includes a few key events. When Greg was young he
loved to earn and save money. For example, he would do his brother and sisters
chores. As he got older he tried to sell toys and comic books. Eventually he
became friends with a girl named Maura. They worked together to sell comics at school.
The theme is about teamwork no matter what and to work hard and save money. I
think the author did a good job on describing the characters. He described that
Mr. Z has a fear of blood and that he faints when he sees too much. He also
wears nice clothes and a tie. The author could have added more characters. If
the story included one of Gregs close friends, the reader might have been
introduced to other things he enjoys, like hobbies or sports. I think that kids
10+ should read this book because it exposes them to some real world money and
investing concepts. I would give this book five stars.

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