Soupy Saturdays with the Pain & the Great One

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Reader reviewed by Billy Burgess

Meet Jacob, the Pain, and his older sister Abigail, the Great One, in seven short stories. In Mr. Soupy, Abigail and Jacob are going to get their hair cut. Jacob wears a pair earmuffs because hes afraid that his ears will be cut off. Before Mrs. Soupy could cut one strand of hair, Jacob screamed. Weeks go by and Jacobs hair grows longer and longer.

Jacob joins the soccer team in Soccer Doc. He starts to regret it when he becomes the goalie for the team and he isnt good at it. He turns to Abigail for advice. She tells him to tell the coach that he wants to play a different position.

Abigail is afraid to tell her friends that she doesnt know how to ride a bike in the Great Pretender. Her brother makes fun of her because he can ride a bike. Her friends wonder why she only wants to skate and not ride a bike. Will Abigail tell her friends the truth?

In Party Girl, Abigails birthday is on July 4th and all of her friends are always busy on that day. She is allowed to have her birthday party early. Her party was going to be incredible but something terrible happens. Jacob has a cold and her party may be cancelled.

In Olive One, Abigail and Jacob are excited that their Aunt Diana was coming to visit with her new baby. Abigail was looking forward to babysitting her new cousin for a whole week. When their Aunt arrives, she finds out that shes going to be babysitting her Aunts dog, Olive, instead.

Abigail goes crazy in Olive Two when her brother brushes the dogs teeth with her toothbrush. Jacob gives Olive a bath and uses his sisters shampoo. How will Abigail survive the week?

They took Olive back to their Aunt Dianas house in Weirdo on Wheels. Their father brought along their bikes. Abigail had no plans on trying to ride her bike. Her Uncle Mitchell changes her mind and teaches her how to ride a bike.

I laughed out loud while reading this book. Jude Blume has done a wonderful job creating a believable brother and sister relationship.

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