Boo Hoo Bird

Boo Hoo Bird
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January 01, 2008
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The irresistible Bird takes flight once again in this winning sequel to Jeremy Tankard's soaring spring 2007 debut, GRUMPY BIRD.

Bird and Raccoon are playing ball, when Bird gets bonked on the head. "Boo hoo hoo!" he cries. What will make Bird feel better? A kiss? A cookie? A Band-Aid? Bird's friends Raccoon, Rabbit, Beaver, Sheep, and Fox are full of sweet and funny ideas.

Perfectly pitched and hilariously imagined, this charming story about a universal experience will put a smile on the face of every child who has suffered a boo-boo and every parent who has struggled to come up with just the right way to give comfort.

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Boo-Boos That Make You Smile
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Reader reviewed by Rita Lorraine Hubbard, The Original H.I.R. (Historical Investigative Reporter)

Boo Hoo Bird, by stay-at-home dad Jeremy Tankard, is a wonderfully simple tale about the mis-adventures of Bird and his forest friends.  Poor Bird gets bonked on the head while playing with his good friend Raccoon, and goes down for the count.  Suddenly the forest comes alive with animal-friends who struggle to do or say the right things to make Bird feel better.  They suggest everything from cookies and hugs to a good old fashioned game of hide-and-go-seek, to cure Birds ouch.

Preschoolers will love the rich colors and hilarious drawings in Boo Hoo Bird, and parents will quickly identify with that age-old struggle to come up with just the right words to comfort a little boo-boo. 

Boo Hoo Bird definitely gets two thumbs (and a beak) up for humor.


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