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Thank You, God (various authors), illustrated by Sophie Allsopp. 2009. (January of 2009) Simon & Schuster.

The full title of this one is Thank You God!: A Year of Blessings and Prayers for Little Ones. The art is by Sophie Allsopp. The quiet and subdued colors are so soft and inviting, in my humble opinion. The text, such as it is, consists of short quotes--some from poems, some from songs, some from longer works--taken from a variety of authors and sources.

Each two-page spread has a handful of quotes celebrating or recognizing the four seasons of the year--spring, summer, fall, winter--and various holidays, special attention being given to Easter and Christmas. Sprinkled throughout the book are ten envelopes that open to reveal little prayer cards. There is an eleventh card that is blank so your child can write a prayer of their own.

Sample quote: Now let the skies be joyful and earth sing back her praise; let all the nations worship the God of endless days.

Sample prayer: Thank you, God, for Easter time. Thank you for reminding us of Jesus' love for us and help us to appreciate everything we have, which we take for granted. Amen.

I thought it was nice to see people wanting to teach little ones gratitude and joy. I'm not sure how user-friendly the envelopes are. I don't know how little hands could work the envelopes and if they would hold up to repeated use. I suppose this depends on the child. Some being more careful and precise than others. I did share my copy with one little girl--a three year old--and she was delighted with the book. Not the text itself--but the envelopes. She loved taking the cards out of the envelopes. She'd ask to be read each card. Then she'd joyfully stick it back in the envelope and say, "let's find another one!"

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