The Ashwater Experiment

The Ashwater Experiment
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June 01, 1999
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"This is a true story about three best friends who will no doubt become my three sworn enemies when they find out that I'm writing this, " says our mystery narrator at the beginning of Amy Koss's latest novel of middle-school fun and torment. Abby has always had a crush on Zack, and her best friends Bess and Cristy have always known it. So how could Bess possibly think it's okay to go out with Zack herself? And whose side is Cristy on anyway? From the moment Bess utters the traitorous "Zack's cute " to the day Abby seeks a surprising revenge and beyond, our outspoken narrator (who won't reveal her identity until the final page) is there to share her particular front-row view of the mess. She even throws in some tasty tidbits about the love lives of the girls' divorced moms. It's laugh-out-loud funny, it's candid, and it's universal--as all of Amy Koss's novels are. That's why they so often appear on best-of-the-year lists, including ALA Best Books for Young Adults, ALA Quick Picks, IRA Young Adult Choices, and IRA Teacher's Choices.

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Thumbs Down for me, but is that true for you?
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Reader reviewed by Cowgirl

I really couldn't get into "The Ashwater Experiment." I didn't enjoy it, but maybe you will? In this book, a girl named Hillary seems to be always moving to a new place. However, Hillary sees the moves as a sort of escape. She dosen't want to turn into just another sleepwalker that she has seen in all of the other schools. So, what will she do when they move to their final hom in Ashwater California? Read to find out!
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