Emmaline and the Bunny

Emmaline and the Bunny
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March 01, 2009
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Emmaline lives in a very tidy town, but Emmaline is not tidy. Emmaline likes to hop, hop, hop and holler, "Hoopalala " And, more than anything, Emmaline wants a bunny.

Orson Oliphant is mayor of the town. He is very tidy. Orson Oliphant does not like hopping and hollering. And, more than anything, Orson Oliphant does not like animals. He has banished them all, including bunnies.

But there is still one special, secret place in town where animals can hop and fly and be free--a place where there is a bunny.

Is there a way for Emmaline to have a bunny of her own?

Written and illustrated in full color by Katherine Hannigan--the best-selling author of "Ida B--Emmaline and the Bunny" is a celebration of ingenuity . . . and untidiness.

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Reader reviewed by BookBegger

Jenny Mobley and Charles King marry and build a wonderful life on the plantations of Trevalyan.
You will read about peoples lives before and during the civil war and how it changed their live forever.

I enjoyed this book in only a few parts. In the beginning of the first couple of chapters I didnt feel the urge to read it at all. I even read two books when I was reading The Gates of Trevalyan! I couldnt really understand what the timeline was because once it was July then Christmas or it was 1855 then its 1856. I wanted to k now what happened between the months Jacquelyn Cook left out. The book has likeable characters and the story timeline was realistic. At some parts the story went to Congressmen Alexander Stephens, he was one of the characters I liked best in the whole story. I would of liked to hear more of Jenny, Charles and their daughter Camilee though.

I did like to read about Charles and Jennys life together. Its a good, clean novel that mostly anyone could read.

The Gates of Trevalyan is a realistic story of peoples lives before and during the civil war.
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