Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

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I thought this was a very good sports book that is good for all ages.
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Reader reviewed by Emma Reibold

If you like basketball, then you are definitely going to like Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein. This Rebecca Caudill book is great for any kid thats 10 or older. It is about two kids that are trying to get an All-Star player of a basketball team out of blackmail.

The main character, Stevie Thomas, and his soon to be friend Susan Carol won a writing contest. As a prize, they get to go to the Final Four in New Orleans. They are both so excited. Then, one day, as they are walking through a loading dock, they hear Chip Graber and a guy in a grey suit talking. Chip Graber is the best player on the Minnesota State basketball team. But all Stevie and Susan Carol hear is Chip say What if I wont do it?" Then the guy in the grey suit says, Then the team gets stripped of all its wins and your father gets fired& The two kids are pretty sure they just heard blackmail, but they are not positive. So they decide to investigate the incident and try to get Chip out of it. They have a very hard time just trying to talk to Chip, but once they tell him that they over heard his conversation, he agrees to let them help him figure it out. Together, they have to do many complicated things to help him get out of the blackmail. So, how do they do it? Does Chip eventually get out of it so he can still try to win the game that would make them become champions? Or does he have to lose? To figure out youll have to read Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery by John Feinstein. This book has a few bad words, but other than that, it is a wonderful sports book. Once you start reading it, youll never be able to put it down!
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